First time photographing at Britannia Beach and I loved it! There is so much to photograph in such a small area. The options are endless – starting with the most obvious Mining museum you can then move into natural forest, small beach with ocean and mountain views or nice and colourful houses to add some rustic feel to it. This place offers so much variety that it is impossible to cover it all in one session. During our pre-session conversation we discussed our options and decided to look for interesting and colourful walls or houses and then get a few photos by the ocean if time permits. We spotted this red tiny hut in the middle of the parking lot, which looks like storage, and decided to photograph right there as the walls were complimenting Jenn’s outfit. On our way to the beach later in session I spotted a big puddle in the middle of the road and took a few interesting reflection images. I am a sucker for reflections and if I find one I can spend some time around to look for that perfect angle.
While finishing the edit from this maternity session, Jenn gave birth to a beatiful baby girl. Congratulations!

maternity photos at Britannia Beach, BC.
Young couple expecting first baby.
Maternity session close to Squamish, BC.
Baby bump
Lifestyle pregnancy pictures.
Couple of love expecting their first baby.
Young and happy pregnant couple sitting in front of house.
Outdoor lifestyle pregnancy photo session.
Lifestyle pregnancy photos at Britannia Beach, BC.

These boys! I don’t remember when I ran so much during a photo session. The boys were very active and the only games that seem to be fun were the ones that involved running and chasing each other. Luckily we were able to direct them a bit and I am happy that we were able to catch their endless energy. Because of wet and cold day I opted for black and white option to focus more on the boys and their smiles than the dark skies above us.
Little boy at Rainbow park.
Little boy at Rainbow park.
Happy little boy at Rainbow park Whistler.
Little boy having fun outdoors on cold wet day in Whistler.
Family walking along the beach at Rainbow park, Whistler.
Brothers sitting by the old cabins at Rainbow park Whistler

This family session was little bit different than most. Not a lot of people know that I arrived to Canada 16 years ago as a live in nanny. I spent more than one year with this family and once I received my residency papers I moved to Whistler to follow my dreams. Despite my annual contact with mom of the family, I haven’t seen the kids for while. It’s amazing to see how much they changed over the years and became beautiful young adults.
Family portraits at Rainbow park
Couple sitting by lake at Rainbow park
Funny siblings photos.
Couple in love at Rainbow park, Whistler.
Father with his adult kids.
Mother with two daughters by old cabins at Rainbow park.
Mother with two daughters by old cabins at Rainbow park.
Family at Rainbow park Whistler.
Couple walking on railway tracks in Whistler.

Most people are terrified with the thought of rain during their family photography session. Anytime we think of family photos, we imagine sunny days with blue skies. Living on the West Coast you soon realize that outside of summer there are not that many sunny days around here.

For the last three years I have been taking pictures of a local Whistler family and it is amazing to see how much the kids grow each year. In that time, we’ve come to know each other better and our chats are longer and longer each time we meet in town. The last two years I’ve photographed them it’s been sunny and that’s what we hoped for this year as well. Turns out Mother Nature had different plans though. The storm rolled in one day earlier than expected and it started to rain before we even got into the park. They were a bit disappointed at first but by building a relationship over the years I was able to convince them rainy days are great days for portraits too. Too often we think that we can’t have fun in the rain but all we have to do is think more like children.

If you were a kid, would rain have stopped you from going outside?

Probably not! You would be excited to jump or run through puddles not caring if you got wet or cold and that’s exactly what they did. They took their shoes off to play in the lake, walked through the puddles and had lots of fun making for a perfect family portrait session.

Whistler family portraits in rain
Kids lifestyle Whistler
Children playing in rain, Whistler.
Girl lifestyle portrait Rainbow Park, Whistler.
Toddler playing with toys in the park - Whistler.
Family in Rainbow park, Whistler.
Wet feet.
Boy pushing girl in a wagon.
Family in Rainbow park, Whistler.

What a beautiful autumn day to photograph in Whistler alpine. Sasha contacted me if we could plan a surprise engagement photo shoot for Nicole, his fiance. After a few phone calls and emails we had a plan. I met them at the top of Whistler gondola, pretending to be a tourist. Sasha would take Nicole for a hike and will ask me if I could take a photo with their phone. Instead of taking his phone, I opened my camera bag and suggested to take pictures with my camera. After an unexpected surprise we all headed for a quick hike around Harmony Lakes on Whistler mountain.

Whistler engagement
Summer hikes in Whistler
Views from Whistler mountain
Views from Whistler mountain
Engagement photo session in Whistler alpine.

I’ve been honoured to have one of my images featured as Artwork of the week at my new print suppliers. My business has been through lots of changes lately. It started with re-branding my whole business, creating new logos and websites, packages and products. It’s been a roller coaster to say the least over the past 5 months, however, things are slowly starting to turn into what I envisioned. I spent the last few weeks searching for a new print and fine art supplier. There are so many cool products out there, however it’s important to me to support either local businesses or at least find a supplier in Canada. A simple task suddenly became not so easy. A few weeks later, I finally found a great company to print my art work and just recently received the new samples. I am blown away with the quality of their fine art specialty prints. And right after my samples arrived they chose one of my wooden prints as Artwork of the week. Nice bonus at the end!
Wood print of family.

It is not very often when I get a phone call with a specific request. To be honest I don’t even remember when was the last time I actually received a phone call like that. As I mention to my clients the collections that I offer are popular however if you are looking for something else let me know. Most likely we can find the solution together for your specific need. I guide my clients through the process and give them some location ideas, what kind of family pictures we could take, what would be the best way to display them. As you can imagine I was nicely surprised when this family called me to take their family picture. They come to Whistler every year and stay close to Rainbow park, which ended up being our location during the family photo session. They were only interested in the group photo and they even knew what sizes they would like to order right away!
Whistler three generation family photo. Formal Whistler family portrait with mountains in the background. Family sitting in the grass.

One of the most common questions I get asked is what to wear for your photo session. Deciding what to wear might be challenging as decorating your place, however here are some tips which hopefully make your decision a bit easier.
Coordinate colours:
Think about your house design and what is your plan with the pictures. Which wall are you planning to put them on? What colour is it? If your walls are purple and you all are wearing red, the photos will not look good on your wall. Think about the season and location you are going to have your pictures taken. Is it fall or spring? If you have your pictures taken in fall try to compliment those colours and choose earthy and warm colours like different shades of brown, orange and red or if it is a spring and everything is green – go for neutral colours with a mix of purple, green or blue. What is the rest of the family wearing? Make sure the colours compliment each other, however avoid to look exactly the same. Choose 2 – 3 colours and stick to your colour scheme. Lighter colours look better and more airy than black or dark colours.
Less patterns, more texture:
Patterns are great, just make sure only one or two people wear them. You want to stay away from big logos, characters or designs on your t-shirt. Stick to solid colors and choose more textures – like scarves, hats, belts. Layers are the best!
Don’t forget accessories and nice clean shoes. It all comes to details to get that perfect family picture.
And plan ahead! You don’t want to find your favourite outfit in your laundry basket on the photo shoot day.
what to wear for family lifestyle photography session

Did you ever try to take your kids or family photos but your kids would not sit or stand still? I think lot’s of families can relate to that scenario especially when you have two young boys. One way to get them in your family pictures is to play with them. Have fun. Instead of constantly asking your kids smile, engage them in the games. It doesn’t matter what type – it could be soccer or any other ball game, biking, skiing, or even a simple game by the table like monopoly or any other board game or art project. Something they love to do. The kids are having fun and they act natural and most of the time they even forget the family photographer is there. I always like to ask them to do a silly face photo. They laugh and giggle because they didn’t expect that. Those pictures might not end up on your wall however they will create a nice relaxed atmosphere for the photo session. Younger the kids the more attention they need.
Nat and Craig boys are just like that. They would not stop for a second, so the parents brought the bikes and games to the park. And here is what we’ve got:
Young boy riding a pump track  on run bike in Whistler. Young child riding a bike pump track in Whistler. Family playing games together at Lakeside park, Whistler. Couple with two kids and dog enjoying summer day at Lakeside park, Whistler. Whistler family during their outdoor photography session. Whistler family goofing around at Lakeside Park. Whistler family lifestyle photography.

We kept it quiet for a while as these family pictures were a surprise for father’s day. “No pressure” as the father and Wakako’s husband is a very well known photographer in Whistler. It was a last minute idea and we had to deal with bit of sickness and colder temperatures however the girls were awesome and we all had fun in Meadow park. Once we let the girls go and play at the playground they were all giggles running from one place to another.
We chose Meadow park as a location, only 4km north of Whistler village. It sits on the banks of River of Golden Dreams and offers amazing views of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. This park has something for everyone from a large playground area with a children’s water park, to tennis and basketball courts and ball diamonds. Even on a busy day you can still find a quiet spot which is so important during the photo shoot. The sun made an appearance however I opted for as many shady areas as I could just to get away from harsh shadows on kid’s faces and to avoid squinting.
Fun children pictures Girls playing on swings at Meadow Park, Whistler. Whistler family photography. Cute little girl smiling and hugging her mom Swinging away at the park. Outdoor family pictures Whistler. Whistler family photographer. Cute little girl smiling and hugging her mom.