The North Arm Farm in Pemberton is only a 40 minute drive north of Whistler. It’s beautiful in a wonderfully charming and unexpected way. And it’s free. Lot’s of local families visit the farm during the summer to pick up strawberries, raspberries, buy organic vegetables or delicious treats from their bakery. It’s an amazing place for kids to play or to help you pick up those berries.
With majestic mountain backdrop it quickly became my first choice for family photography in Pemberton. When Hiroko contacted me about family and kids pictures I was excited to hear that her family lives near by. We both quickly agreed that the farm would be perfect spot for their family photo session as they visit the farm quite often.

Kids having fun at North Arm Farm, Pemberton. Family playing at North Arm Farm, Pemberton. Boys playing football together. Summer outdoor lifestyle. Pemberton family enjoying great outdoors. Everyday life.

As a Whistler family photographer, it is hard to believe that I haven’t taken photos at North Arm Farm until this family photo shoot. North Arm Farm in Pemberton is definitely one of my favourite places with lot’s of space for kids to play around and stunning background of Mount Currie. I just downloaded the pictures, excited to start the edit and see what we’ve got. We had a beautiful sunny weather, which we all love, however the sun offers harsh shadows and squinty eyes so sometimes it’s better to look for a nice place in shade. There is this little house for kids to play in and I asked boys if they could get inside and look outside of the window. I purposely chose the window in shade just to get a nice light on boy’s faces. Stay tuned for more pictures from this family portrait session.

Family fun at North Arm Farm

As any Whistler photographer, I’ve been waiting for sun to come out. Everybody is in good mood, playing outside, hiking, biking, golfing. The bears are up and looking for food in Whistler valley. This is my favourite time of the year, when you know the summer is just ahead of us and has so much to offer. To celebrate this awesome weather we’ve got, I offer $100 off for family private photo session (June only), bringing your investment to $275 total including all high res digital files. Let me know if you are interested.