Sometimes the best pictures happen when you don’t plan them at all. Like this picture of my friend Jocelyn. It is one of my favourite portraits so far. We went out to a local organic farm to pick up some fresh veggies when we spotted these beautiful tall red flowers in the fields. First came out the phones and then I went to car to get my camera. We only snapped a few pictures while catching up on gossip and this is the result. Make sure you have your camera handy to capture your every day life moments. Whistler portrait photography

Spring season is here and Blackcomb mountain is closing in couple of days. It’s time to switch the gear and get ready for summer. Lot’s of locals take a break and leave for a quick vacation. If you are staying around or visiting during slow season there are still plenty of activities you can do. The deals on accommodation and dining already started and we will see more of them poping up in a week or two.
Here are my top picks:
1. Spring skiing – Whistler Mountain stays open until May 18th, so take advantage of the longer days and head up the mountain for some spring skiing and riding or just for the food with great views.
Spring skiing on Whistler mountain.
2. Biking in valley – While Whistler bike park remains closed until mid May, the trails in Whister valley are in prime conditions. It doesn’t matter if you are a begginer or a pro, the options are endless!
Crosscountry and all mountain trails in Whistler.
3. Golf – If you love golfing, than this is the season for you! The golf courses are opening early due to lack of snow in the valley and there are ton’s of deals for early season golfing.
Golf in Whistler.
4. Apres – No matter what activity you decide to do, you should finish it in Whistler style. Choose a sunny patio in the village or Creekside and enjoy the cold beverages.
5. Go fest – an outdoor festival for anyone to get involved in during May long weekend. For more information check

What a beautiful autumn day to photograph in Whistler alpine. Sasha contacted me if we could plan a surprise engagement photo shoot for Nicole, his fiance. After a few phone calls and emails we had a plan. I met them at the top of Whistler gondola, pretending to be a tourist. Sasha would take Nicole for a hike and will ask me if I could take a photo with their phone. Instead of taking his phone, I opened my camera bag and suggested to take pictures with my camera. After an unexpected surprise we all headed for a quick hike around Harmony Lakes on Whistler mountain.

Whistler engagement
Summer hikes in Whistler
Views from Whistler mountain
Views from Whistler mountain
Engagement photo session in Whistler alpine.

It’s been two weeks since my last post. Sometimes things don’t get done even when you put them on the list. They just become a lower priority. Blog posts and my personal projects were put aside these days and the amount of family sessions was reduced to minimum as my new contract with local Municipality require 80% of my time for at least a month. No weekends, no evenings off. With that saying, it is an amazing opportunity and awesome challenge. Photographing something different every day, editing and running business at night, I still love it. During these shoots I realized that even after 13 years living in this awesome community, I still find new trails, docks, soccer fields. Exploring and finding new spots is definitely fun part of my work and I love when I find something unique, a place where I want to bring the next family for their family session. In the last three weeks I took photos of families playing in the parks, pushing strollers, having picnics, swimming in lakes, playing volleyball, canoeing on lake, hiking, walking the dogs, running, biking, skateboarding, kids playing in the sand, shopping at Farmer’s market, ice skating, and the list go on. And here are a few samples of the beautiful place we live in and an idea how your family pictures could look like.

Dad with stroller and girl walking on valley trail. summer camp myrtle philip school whistler Summer at Alpha Lake park, Whistler. Canoeing on Alta Lake, Whistler. Young female with dog looking at sunrise - Rainbow park, Whistler. Summer at Alpha lake park, Whistler. Kids playing in water park, Meadow Park, Whistler.

What an amazing woman. Full of smiles, love, energy, and open heart. I was very excited to have an opportunity to do a headshot and portrait session for her new business. The Bodhi Tree and Stacey is coming soon, so if you have children stay tuned for more information. She will be providing mindfulness tools for children to encourage a little bit of calm in a busy stimulating world.
As you might noticed these pictures are not the typical business headshots or portraits. Stacey and I were discussing her business ideas, logos, colours she is using for web design and branding. We wanted to make sure that the portraits and headshots will fit her branding and show her openhearted and loving personality. She has been working with children for most of her life and has the ability to calm them down in any situation. We included couple props like birds and elephants in our session for a bit of variety as they are included in her branding.
Summer lifestyle. Woman holding decorative bird. Middle-aged woman laughing outside. Summer lifestyle. Woman meditating outside in grassy meadow. Active summer lifestyle.

I have to say, lifestyle photography is my favourite. I am not much into posed family portraits, I rather let the kids and family play to capture those sweet moments.
Maeve, the owner of Whistler Kids Yoga, had the same idea. She is fun, always playing, always smiling. She is also Registered Yoga Teacher and former kindergarten teacher.
We sat down on the grass in middle of the park, a rare place for a meeting, and started to plan the photo shoot. To promote her fun summer camps we decided to have kids yoga session and photo shoot outside.
A typical class starts in a circle with introductions and centering, then jumps into a yoga pose game or a story told through yoga. Kids connect with each other and themselves as they learn poses, create shapes, play, and experiment, all the while exploring new and exciting ways to move. Through focused physical movement, young yogis gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their enormous capabilities.
But it’s not just yoga poses! Kids Yoga also involves breathing exercises, singing, dancing, storytelling, resting, and meditation.
Looks like lot’s of fun to me. What do you think?
Storytelling. Kids summer camps. Children lifestyle. Summer lifestyle photography. Kids yoga. Whistler kids yoga Whistler kids yoga. Kids lifestyle. Children playing outside with feathers. Breathing exercise.

I just came back from my second vacation this year and straight into summer here in Whistler. I love the summer here. To me it’s like another vacation. Lakes, beaches, hikes, bike rides, beach games with friends, BBQ and flip-flops. I love everything about it. With that said, being Whistler photographer, it is my busy season full of family portraits, weddings and other lifestyle and bike photo shoots. My family portrait sessions start at $375 for up to 8 people and include high-resolution images. New this year is family coffee book from your vacation for $1500 – includes 3 photo sessions with high res images and professionally designed coffee table book from your vacation. It could be fun session in the park, picnic, your rafting trip, bike ride, golf, hiking, anything is possible. I am here to capture those perfect moments while you are having fun.