It wasn’t a typical wedding. The local Whistler couple with two small and cute kids decided to tie the knot at one of my favourite spots – Rainbow park. The whole day I was hoping that the rain would just hold off for a few more hours so we could enjoy the ceremony and photo session outdoors without the umbrellas above our heads. Moment the ceremony started, sun came out for a few seconds to give this beautiful couple a nod for approval. The cool part about photographing a local wedding is that in our small town I know quite a few guests as well. That means more stories are shared and everyone is more relaxed around me while I am taking their photos.

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Whistler photographer
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Portrait photography.
Whistler wedding on rainy day.
Whistler wedding at Rainbow park.
Bride and her bridesmaid by old cabins at Rainbow park.
Summer outdoor wedding and ceremony at Rainbow park.
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Group wedding photo in Whistler.

As a Whistler photographer, it is always a treat when you get to photograph local couple. Most of the weddings in Whistler are destination weddings so seeing the couple before the wedding is not always possible. When I was approached by Adam, I was thrilled. I don’t get to talk to clients while racing bikes and hanging out at apres later sharing the stories from everyday life while drinking your favourite beverages at the same time. Kari and Adam are both avid bikers and that’s something we have in common. My partner Steve races in the same category as Adam and they switch their spots on podium each week. It is healthy rivalry followed by beer and laughter after the race. Knowing the couple is crucial in wedding photography. If I can give one advice to any wedding couple it would be meeting or at least phone call with your photographer. It always surprises me how many couples rather stick to emails while investing into memories on their wedding day! At the end, each photographer will deliver the photos, but can you feel relaxed and at ease when you are around them? Beside your wedding planner, photographer will spent most time with you during the wedding documenting intimate moments during the day. He or she is the person who is always close to you on wedding day, who is there to answer your questions when things are running late or if something needs to be address right away.
Small wedding in Whistler
Whistler wedding photography
Where to photograph weddings in Whistler on rainy day.
Wedding photos at Rebagliati park, Whistler.
Wedding ceremony at Spruce Grove Field House, Whistler.
Wedding at Rebagliati park, Whistler.
Wedding at Rebagliati park, Whistler.
Wedding couple with bikes, Whistler.

I met Siobhan and Matt couple weeks before their wedding and we clicked right away. They are outdoorsy and fun couple to hang around and easy to connect with. Soon after the wedding plans we chatted about bike park and trails around. Since the day we met I was really looking forward to their wedding day. Siobhan and Matt decided to have a small ceremony in Whistler, followed by a dinner with close family and head out to party with their friends at Buffalo Bills. It seems like the trend is changing as I tend to photograph more and more casual and small weddings. It is now a standard question to ask if there is anything different from a traditional wedding.
Siobhan and Matt got married on Jul 4th, one of the busiest weekends in town. Beside huge bike race in town, it is also US long weekend and the temperature reached 30+C. The beaches, parks and any scenic locations were packed with people enjoying the hot weather, having picnics and playing games by the lake. It was pretty much impossible to take any pictures of wedding couple at these locations. You always need to have a back up location and local knowledge comes handy in situation like this one. We chose the scenic area in Nicklaus North neighbourhood where we found some privacy for our photo shoot.

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Simple wedding in Whistler
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Maybe there is no snow in the valley this winter season, but there is tons of love in the air. Ryan and Val had chosen to get married at Stone Circles, the place I only heard about last year and I’ve been around for 14 years. It’s a beautiful intimate spot by the lake, protected by the trees and hidden from valley trail close by. Amazing spot for a very small and private wedding. The path to get there might get a bit icy in winter, however that didn’t stop anyone from getting there. The heels were switched for winter boots and we were all ready for the ceremony at this secluded spot. After the ceremony I took advantage of the frozen lake and the dock to photograph this couple in love.

Stone Circles Whistler wedding photos
Winter Whistler wedding photography
Outdoor winter wedding in Whistler.
Winter wedding at Lakeside Park Whistler.
Intimate Whistler winter wedding.

I was looking forward to this wedding all summer. You know you’re going to click with people if you have something in common with them and both Katrina and Blake are outdoorsy people. Plus Katrina and her girlfriends love hockey and being a massive hockey fan myself, I knew I would have a blast photographing them. From the moment I walked into their hotel room until the end, these girls were all giggles. On the other side we had Blake, an avid soccer player, and the groomsmen sporting the best sock collection I’ve ever seen ( see pictures below). I always get excited when the engaged couple tell me where they are having their ceremony and reception. Photographing new locations is thrilling and I can’t wait to jump into my car and start scouting for the portrait session. Katrina and Blake decided to get married in Squamish Valley Golf Club, a place I drove by many times but have never really stopped at to have a closer look. I found a few awesome spots for the pictures near by thinking we are covered for any kind of weather and believe it or not, we got it all. From beautiful blue sunny skies to clouds and a heavy downpour. A beautiful rainbow after all that rain? Yeah, we got that too. I was so happy to see that this wedding couple and their wedding party did not get discouraged by the rain. They were ready with funky mini umbrellas and smiled and laughed during the entire photo session. The happy couple didn’t let the rain get to them and weren’t afraid to throw the umbrellas away just to get that perfect shot. Congratulations Katrina and Blake! What an amazing wedding.
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We all have a list of favourite places to hang around. As a Whistler wedding photographer, I have been documenting weddings and families lives in the valley for more than a decade. After while you learn than some locations works better than others. In this post I will talk about my favourite locations to photograph the wedding couples.

1. Rainbow Park – This popular park at Alta Lake has it all: a sandy beach, old cabins,little wooden bridge, charming dock and amazing mountain views and even railway tracks. The only downside of this park is that it really get’s busy on sunny weekends during summer so I usually suggest this location in other seasons. The options are endless and it is easy to get carried away and shoot for hours.
Rainbow park Whistler wedding.
2. Nita Lake Lodge – Is located a 5 minute drive from Whistler village and only 500 meters from the base of Whistler Mountain and the Creekside gondola. It is more private and even during weekends you can find quiet place for the pictures. With Nita lake, valley trail, train station, nearby park and great building architecture this location offers great photography on either sunny or rainy day.
Nita Lake Lodge Whistler wedding
3. Nicklaus North – From the shores of glacier fed Green Lake, to the elegance of fireplace lounge or restaurant, to expansive patio overlooking an extraordinary Whistler mountain panorama – couples have an array beautiful choices for ceremonies, photo shoots and receptions – indoors or outdoors.
Nicklaus North Golf Course in summer.
4. Mountain Top – you can’t beat the alpine views from top of the Whistler mountain. It might be busy with tourists hiking or skiing around you, however once we move away from Roundhouse Lodge you are surrounded by mountain peaks and alpine flowers in summer or snow covered trees in winter.
Whistler wedding at top of Whistler mountain.
5. Whistler village – What’s so special about the Village? The atmosphere and the vibe you can feel anytime you walk the Stroll. While the main stroll is usually busy, there are small parks close by to offer privacy during the shoot.
Whistler village wedding.

I met Jennie and Mike almost a year ago when this wonderful couple got engaged. I was thrilled to hear they would like to have some engagement photos done first and book me as their wedding photographer as well. Living in Whistler, more of a destination for most weddings, this was a welcome change. Getting to know bride and groom before their wedding, meeting them at their home, seeing them in everyday life is something that I would love to do more often with my clients. Coming to their wedding, it felt like coming to your friends, talking to Mike about recent games during World cup in soccer or helping Jennie with any last-minute changes. The best of all is how relaxed they are around me by the time we started taking pictures. We laughed a lot and had a good time while getting stunning pictures of both of them. Jennie and Mike decided to have their couple pictures done before ceremony. Seeing this beautiful wedding couple when they saw each other for the first time was my favourite moment from the whole wedding day. It was emotional, beautiful, with lot’s of love in the air. They were the only people on the dock by the lake at that moment and even I had a hard time to keep my eyes dry.
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