How to make your photo look better with simple edit – Tips on improving your photography

In today’s world everyone takes photos. When we see an oportunity, we snap a photo then add a filter on Instagram and post it. And then we wait. We wait how many people will like our post. But slapping a basic filter without any other adjustements or just posting a photo won’t make our photos pop among tousands of others. Even when your composition is great a little bit of editing can go a long way. There are so many great applications out there that can help you edit your photo either on your phone or you can choose to use simple software on your computer to do the same thing.
In the picture below you can see how much an image can improve if you take your time to edit them. I did the edit in Lightroom software on my computer, however you can apply most of these changes on a phone applications as well.
Before I make any adjustment, I look at the picture and think what is it that bothers me. In this case, I found the picture too dark, muddy and without any vibrance in it. To change it, first I lighten up the image, then added saturation ( more colour to your picture) and more contrast to make white even whiter and dark parts of the photo darker. At the end I just added a bit of vignette to darken the corners and bring more attention to the happy boy. And what a difference this little adjustment makes!
Simple photo editing tips