What to Expect

I love capturing the real life, life in motion. You will find so much more than the average photo of your family saying “cheese” looking right into the camera. I like to mix it up and make your images memorable by capturing everyday moments that tell your story, the things you do that make you unique. Majority of my lifestyle sessions are outdoors. We don’t need a sunny day to capture those smiles. I have photographed family sessions in wet, cold and dark cloudy days and most of those images became my favourite. The session usually last somewhere between 1-2 hours, depending on how many kids are in family and how old are they. If you wish to capture a bigger family reunion or thinking about photo books you might consider an extended 3 hours lifestyle session.

Because I am a natural light photographer, shooting in your home may not always be a possibility. It is essential that your home (or any indoor location you choose) have lots of natural light so that those warm gorgeous images can be achieved. I will arrive a little early so I can get a feel for where I will be shooting. I’ll probably ask you where the best light is, and will probably move some furniture around. Having your home prepared is very important to creating stunning images – if you have laundry on the floor or pots on the counter, they could end up in your photos! I love capturing every day life, so think talks over coffee, baking your favourite cake, boardgames, reading a book to your children, cuddling on couch and more.

Kids and family session – I will take some posed shots right off to get everybody comfortable with the camera. Then for family sessions with little ones, you’ll run, play, jump, bike, ski, laugh, and get dirty! I will do my best to capture the smiles that you know and see every day through natural moments. For family sessions, the focus will be on family of course, but also photos of specific groups (siblings, your children with their significant other, you and your partner, etc).
For couple sessions, you will still do some of the fun things listed above, just not as often or as extreme as the focus will be on capturing you as a couple. The location is completely up to you and I will be happy to give you suggestions based on your family size, kid’s age and the ideas for the session. The location of your session is very important to creating beautiful, one of a kind images, whether it be urban, by a lake, top of a mountain, or a playground/park.

Maternity session – Since the main reason you’ll be taking maternity pictures is to showcase your ‘bump,’ it’s important to plan your outfits based on how far along you are. Wait until you’re big, but not too big. Most photographers suggest taking pictures around the 30 – 34 week mark, as that’s typically the time when your belly will ‘pop’ and become more evenly round, yet also before it becomes too heavy. Since every pregnancy and pregnant belly is different, it’s important to use your body as a guide for when you not only want your belly to look its best, but also when you’ll have the energy to hold different positions for lengths of time as well.

Newborn session – For newborn session I would most likely use your bed and clean white sheets are the best option. Shooting at your home is all about being in your element, and I love to capture the real life that goes on inside it! The best time to photograph a newborn is within their first 2 weeks when your baby sleeps deeply. The first few weeks are fairly unpredictable and if you won’t be able to have the photographs done at this time, that is completely fine. We can always capture the beauty of your newborn baby later, once you are ready. The newborn session can last up to 3 hours so there is enough time for nursing, changing diapers and extra cuddles. My priority is to create the most relaxed atmosphere in your home so you don’t feel rushed. It is good to plan all the details and book well in advance however the actual photo session will be scheduled once your baby has been born.