Lakeside Park in summer – Whistler family photographer

Did you ever try to take your kids or family photos but your kids would not sit or stand still? I think lot’s of families can relate to that scenario especially when you have two young boys. One way to get them in your family pictures is to play with them. Have fun. Instead of constantly asking your kids smile, engage them in the games. It doesn’t matter what type – it could be soccer or any other ball game, biking, skiing, or even a simple game by the table like monopoly or any other board game or art project. Something they love to do. The kids are having fun and they act natural and most of the time they even forget the family photographer is there. I always like to ask them to do a silly face photo. They laugh and giggle because they didn’t expect that. Those pictures might not end up on your wall however they will create a nice relaxed atmosphere for the photo session. Younger the kids the more attention they need.
Nat and Craig boys are just like that. They would not stop for a second, so the parents brought the bikes and games to the park. And here is what we’ve got:
Young boy riding a pump track  on run bike in Whistler. Young child riding a bike pump track in Whistler. Family playing games together at Lakeside park, Whistler. Couple with two kids and dog enjoying summer day at Lakeside park, Whistler. Whistler family during their outdoor photography session. Whistler family goofing around at Lakeside Park. Whistler family lifestyle photography.