Picking up strawberries at North Arm Farm in Pemberton.

The strawberry season came early this year. As usual I planned a day to pick up some so I could freeze them for summer smoothies later. Coming here for years to pick up local fruit or veggies, I have never thought of this place as a location for a family session. For me, it was a beautiful farm and amazing setting where I came to relax and pick up fresh and organic berries. It was only last year when I thought of bringing a family here. Now it is my favourite summer location to photograph at. Beside Mt.Currie as a background, there are also swings for kids, mini house and small tractor for kids to play on. The options are endless.
In this family session we took little Maia for her first strawberry picking. First she wouldn’t let us eat any of them and kept pointing at the basket. As we collected quite a few she sat down in middle of the field and started to snack on strawberries.
As most of the family shoots they happen during the day when sun is high. This is not ideal for photography and portrait as most people are either squinting or the position of the sun causes harsh shadows on their faces. The best solutions on mid day sunny photo session is find the shade. In this case we were in middle of the open fields so I brought a reflector to bounce some light and get rid off dark shadows.
Family photographer Whistler
Strawberry picking in Pemberton.
Family picking up organic strawberries at farm in Pemberton.