Rainy family portraits at Rainbow park – Whistler family photographer

Most people are terrified with the thought of rain during their family photography session. Anytime we think of family photos, we imagine sunny days with blue skies. Living on the West Coast you soon realize that outside of summer there are not that many sunny days around here.

For the last three years I have been taking pictures of a local Whistler family and it is amazing to see how much the kids grow each year. In that time, we’ve come to know each other better and our chats are longer and longer each time we meet in town. The last two years I’ve photographed them it’s been sunny and that’s what we hoped for this year as well. Turns out Mother Nature had different plans though. The storm rolled in one day earlier than expected and it started to rain before we even got into the park. They were a bit disappointed at first but by building a relationship over the years I was able to convince them rainy days are great days for portraits too. Too often we think that we can’t have fun in the rain but all we have to do is think more like children.

If you were a kid, would rain have stopped you from going outside?

Probably not! You would be excited to jump or run through puddles not caring if you got wet or cold and that’s exactly what they did. They took their shoes off to play in the lake, walked through the puddles and had lots of fun making for a perfect family portrait session.

Whistler family portraits in rain
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Children playing in rain, Whistler.
Girl lifestyle portrait Rainbow Park, Whistler.
Toddler playing with toys in the park - Whistler.
Family in Rainbow park, Whistler.
Wet feet.
Boy pushing girl in a wagon.
Family in Rainbow park, Whistler.