Stone Circles Whistler Wedding – Whistler photography

I met Siobhan and Matt couple weeks before their wedding and we clicked right away. They are outdoorsy and fun couple to hang around and easy to connect with. Soon after the wedding plans we chatted about bike park and trails around. Since the day we met I was really looking forward to their wedding day. Siobhan and Matt decided to have a small ceremony in Whistler, followed by a dinner with close family and head out to party with their friends at Buffalo Bills. It seems like the trend is changing as I tend to photograph more and more casual and small weddings. It is now a standard question to ask if there is anything different from a traditional wedding.
Siobhan and Matt got married on Jul 4th, one of the busiest weekends in town. Beside huge bike race in town, it is also US long weekend and the temperature reached 30+C. The beaches, parks and any scenic locations were packed with people enjoying the hot weather, having picnics and playing games by the lake. It was pretty much impossible to take any pictures of wedding couple at these locations. You always need to have a back up location and local knowledge comes handy in situation like this one. We chose the scenic area in Nicklaus North neighbourhood where we found some privacy for our photo shoot.

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Simple wedding in Whistler
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