Summer in Whistler – Whistler lifestyle photography

It’s been two weeks since my last post. Sometimes things don’t get done even when you put them on the list. They just become a lower priority. Blog posts and my personal projects were put aside these days and the amount of family sessions was reduced to minimum as my new contract with local Municipality require 80% of my time for at least a month. No weekends, no evenings off. With that saying, it is an amazing opportunity and awesome challenge. Photographing something different every day, editing and running business at night, I still love it. During these shoots I realized that even after 13 years living in this awesome community, I still find new trails, docks, soccer fields. Exploring and finding new spots is definitely fun part of my work and I love when I find something unique, a place where I want to bring the next family for their family session. In the last three weeks I took photos of families playing in the parks, pushing strollers, having picnics, swimming in lakes, playing volleyball, canoeing on lake, hiking, walking the dogs, running, biking, skateboarding, kids playing in the sand, shopping at Farmer’s market, ice skating, and the list go on. And here are a few samples of the beautiful place we live in and an idea how your family pictures could look like.

Dad with stroller and girl walking on valley trail. summer camp myrtle philip school whistler Summer at Alpha Lake park, Whistler. Canoeing on Alta Lake, Whistler. Young female with dog looking at sunrise - Rainbow park, Whistler. Summer at Alpha lake park, Whistler. Kids playing in water park, Meadow Park, Whistler.