Wedding at Squamish Valley Golf Club – Squamish Wedding photography

I was looking forward to this wedding all summer. You know you’re going to click with people if you have something in common with them and both Katrina and Blake are outdoorsy people. Plus Katrina and her girlfriends love hockey and being a massive hockey fan myself, I knew I would have a blast photographing them. From the moment I walked into their hotel room until the end, these girls were all giggles. On the other side we had Blake, an avid soccer player, and the groomsmen sporting the best sock collection I’ve ever seen ( see pictures below). I always get excited when the engaged couple tell me where they are having their ceremony and reception. Photographing new locations is thrilling and I can’t wait to jump into my car and start scouting for the portrait session. Katrina and Blake decided to get married in Squamish Valley Golf Club, a place I drove by many times but have never really stopped at to have a closer look. I found a few awesome spots for the pictures near by thinking we are covered for any kind of weather and believe it or not, we got it all. From beautiful blue sunny skies to clouds and a heavy downpour. A beautiful rainbow after all that rain? Yeah, we got that too. I was so happy to see that this wedding couple and their wedding party did not get discouraged by the rain. They were ready with funky mini umbrellas and smiled and laughed during the entire photo session. The happy couple didn’t let the rain get to them and weren’t afraid to throw the umbrellas away just to get that perfect shot. Congratulations Katrina and Blake! What an amazing wedding.
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