What to wear for maternity photo shoot

Every time I book a session I get asked the same question: “What shall we wear for the family shoot” I already wrote a post to answer the most common questions, however pregnancy photo session is little bit different. In general, the idea is the same as the regular photo shoot however there are a few extra things you might want to consider if you are planning to have a maternity photo session.

This session is all about you and your belly. Consider choosing an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and will show off your figure at the same time.
Before you think about your outfit, think about what kind of photos you would like to get. My focus is on outdoor lifestyle. Each season is different and I would suggest different colours for winter than for fall or summer. Try to compliment each season with the colours you are wearing. Tight and stretchy tops are the best. Bring a few of them so you can change the outfit. If possible, choose solid colours or lightly patterned and logo free tops and a couple of shirts in colours that look really great on you. Don’t forget to bring items related to your baby (booties, letter blocks or any other items of sentimental value) that you might like in the photos.
Wear pants that are comfortable and not too tight around your belly, medium-coloured ( denim, grey, brown, etc..) would be a great choice.
Accessories – necklaces, bracelets, earrings, feminine scarves that can help add texture, interest, and depth to your images. This is something completely up to you. A few accessories can look great, however no accessories is a good option too. The session is focused on your belly and accessories are not as important as they would be in a regular family photo session.
Skip the florals and other big patterns. You want to be able to look back at these pictures in 10 or 20 years and still think the photos look great. Whereas really stylized clothes can get dated, solid neutrals are timeless.
If you are still not sure, feel free to ask for an opinion or bring a few outfits with you and I can help you to choose what would look best on you.
As for the shoes – heels, nice boots, flip-flops are awesome. Avoid running shoes.

What about my husband/boyfriend/partner?
Jeans and a medium coloured shirt or a white shirt make for a great starting point. As a second option, it would be a good idea to bring a second shirt that compliments whatever you decide to wear. Think about what fits your style as a couple and dress accordingly. Try to avoid bold logos.

Here are a few samples:
I love the short white dress and simple light colour outfit for your man. I personally prefer the lighter colours as they look more airy and soft than dark ones.
maternity outfit
Karin and I talked about her pregnancy photos and we decided to go more bold and with added contrast. We talked about this red wall for a while as a simple background and chose the black and white top to make a statement in these simple photos. I would usually choose a medium colour sweater however the black works great in this scenario.
pregnancy photo ideas
Here is a different look for the fall maternity session. With reds and yellows around we decided to compliment the fall season with similar colours. Karin chose a red top and Jan went for a nice plaid shirt with a bit of red in it to flatter Karin’s outfit.
pregnant couple in fall
Light and neutral colours are my favourites. They look pretty much awesome in each season. Marie Michele and Alex are wearing blues and greys that go really well together. The mid tones are great as they are not overpowering the image but compliment the greens in the background.
light neutral colours for pregnancy photos
Jenn wanted industrial look and colorful walls in her pictures. I love the red top to go with the red wall in the background as well the leather jacket to go over her tight top. If you want to show your belly but not feeling great about rest of your body ( arms, hips, etc..) This is the best way to dress up – choose tight top to show off your belly and add a jacket to hide the parts you are not so confident about.
What to wear for maternity photo shoot.