Whistler family photography session at Rainbow park.

We’ve been planning this session for a year. First we thought we would take maternity photos. Unfortunately, the ideas Czybel had in mind would not work at that time of year, so we postponed until baby would arrive in winter. Again, with winter not really being winter last year, another great backdrop was lost and we ended up postponing until little baby LJ grew up a little. And I am glad we did. Seeing the love and interaction between two brothers is something we would miss otherwise.
We chose Rainbow park, a place where most of the locals hang out on nice sunny day, as our location. Luckily mornings are not so crowded and we had some privacy during our session. The biggest challenge was avoiding the bright sun but luckily there are quite a few shaded spots around.

Family photo session in Whistler
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Father playing with baby boy outside.
Black and white family photography Whistler.
Black and white photography Whistler.