Whistler Kids Yoga – lifestyle photography

I have to say, lifestyle photography is my favourite. I am not much into posed family portraits, I rather let the kids and family play to capture those sweet moments.
Maeve, the owner of Whistler Kids Yoga, had the same idea. She is fun, always playing, always smiling. She is also Registered Yoga Teacher and former kindergarten teacher.
We sat down on the grass in middle of the park, a rare place for a meeting, and started to plan the photo shoot. To promote her fun summer camps we decided to have kids yoga session and photo shoot outside.
A typical class starts in a circle with introductions and centering, then jumps into a yoga pose game or a story told through yoga. Kids connect with each other and themselves as they learn poses, create shapes, play, and experiment, all the while exploring new and exciting ways to move. Through focused physical movement, young yogis gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their enormous capabilities.
But it’s not just yoga poses! Kids Yoga also involves breathing exercises, singing, dancing, storytelling, resting, and meditation.
Looks like lot’s of fun to me. What do you think?
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